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Professional Development &
Wellness Workshops
for Educators

Zen Zilla Yoga and Wellness, LLC. offers rhythmic yoga, guided meditation and wellness coaching to children, youth, and adults who work with youth populations. These programs are created by a certified yogi (RTY200) and Connecticut K-6 educator of over 20 years with a background in psychology, music, and studio art. Zen Zilla Yoga and Wellness programs incorporate each of these disciplines as a means of healing and empowerment to underserved populations. 

Why mindfulness for educators? The average school day is close to 7 hours. Because children are spending over 33% of their childhoods in school, educators are truly in loco parentis. Meaning we stand in the place of the parent in his or her absence, effectively raising children in groups of up to 27 at a time, for 10 months of the year. Children form many of their thought patterns based on what they observe and experience in school. These thought patterns inform their behaviors that drive the culture of the educational environment and eventually, society. Educators bear the bulk of this responsibility, with minimal support for wellness.

In this workshop, educators learn the  “Three Ms of Wellness” (Mindfulness, Movement, and Meditation) to set daily routines that are practical and research-based to make a difference in the life of the participant.   

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