Zen Zilla Yoga and Wellness, LLC. offers rhythmic yoga, guided meditation, and wellness coaching to the community, in addition to focused offerings for children, youth, and adults who work in urban settings. These programs are created by a certified yogi and Connecticut K-6 educator and they incorporate music as a means of healing and empowerment. To continue to offer support to the community, during this time of social distancing, you can sign up for Zoom classes via https://www.onevillagehealing.org/


Seriously chill mindfulness, movement, and meditation for urban peace seekers.


Wellness Programs and Professional Offerings

To offer support during this time of social distancing, try wellness services via Zoom. Please RSVP at  https://www.onevillagehealing.org/ 


Zen Zilla Yoga's
Three Ms of Wellness



Get to know yourself  through exercises designed to expand your awareness of your mind/body connection. You are guided through breathing exercises and contemplations to shift your perspective and focus inward, on your journey to wellness.


Zen Zilla Yoga is a fusion of fluid movement  and traditional yoga poses, set to music from around the world for an unforgettable experience. Work toward a mind-body connection that you can groove to in this segment of your wellness session. Participants report feeling relaxed, yet energized to deal with day-to-day stress.


Zen Zilla Yoga always ends with a Guided Meditation session. Learn strategies in Progressive Relaxation, Guided Imagery, and Resonance Breathing to gain momentum on your road to wellness.


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